The perfect pumpkin dish

I cannot believe that it’s already October, summer has passed so fast and now autumn is everywhere. But that’s nothing negative, quite the contrary, as now the season has come where it’s totally legit to spend the  whole Sunday afternoons at home, on the sofa, with a hot chocolate in the one hand and the newest cooking book in the other hand. And today I unfortunately do not have the recipe for our all loved „Pumpkin spiced Latte“ (everybody seems obsessed with this drink in autumn) but I have got something better: a homemade vegetarian Pumpkin-Lasagne.


Its Unnicorn-Party-Time

„Happy Day“ my lovely virtual friends! I am so excited to show you the results of my last baking session. Should I try to rise the anticipation? – Yes I better do so: todays it’s going to be colorful (us usually because you know I love happy-making food), it’s going to be delicious, it’s going to be delicious and it’s going to be Unicorn-Galaxy-Cake first! There is a small possibility the cake will have similarities to your sweetest 7-year-old-little-girls-dreams but I would say we can accept that fact and rather get started with the very best fridge cake the world has ever seen.


Kunterbunte Kuchen-Party

Hallo meine zuckersüßen Kuchenliebhaber, ich kann es kaum erwarten euch zu zeigen, was ich letzet Woche gebacken habe! Na okay, ich will mal nicht zu gemein sein und euch einen kleinen Vorgeschmack geben: es ist bunt, es ist köstlich und es sieht aus wie der Traum eines 7-jährigen Mädchens (wobei ich ja zugeben muss, dass es mich auch nicht kalt gelassen hat 😉 ) Was es ist? Nun ihr dürft gespannt sein, um mehr zu erfahren, klickt einfach auf „Weiterlesen“ und taucht ein in meine kunterbunte Einhorn-Welt. Weiterlesen

Lemon cake with rosy raspberry sprinkles

Do you already have spring fever or do you need a little, lovely lemon cake (wow that alliteration)  to boost up your spring emotions? I wouldn’t mind the cake so come on and lets get right into baking and make the very best lemon slices to share them and spread the happy, colorful spring vibes. Does this sound good to you? I mean then we would literally be messengers of spring 😉  Weiterlesen