Its Unnicorn-Party-Time

“Happy Day” my lovely virtual friends! I am so excited to show you the results of my last baking session. Should I try to rise the anticipation? – Yes I better do so: todays it’s going to be colorful (us usually because you know I love happy-making food), it’s going to be delicious, it’s going to be delicious and it’s going to be Unicorn-Galaxy-Cake first! There is a small possibility the cake will have similarities to your sweetest 7-year-old-little-girls-dreams but I would say we can accept that fact and rather get started with the very best fridge cake the world has ever seen.

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And the vegetable sun comes up

Lately I have seen so many people posting photos of this colorful vegetable tarte on Instagram, Facebook and Co and always when I saw their awesome pics I got a little jealous and asked myself how the hell they did this pretty veggie-flower/sun/however you wanna call it-thingy. But then I found a pretty easy recipe which made me finally realize that baking this tarte isn’t rocket science. So if you wanna know how to make this stunning veggie-“cake” just click on the bottom below.

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Lemon cake with rosy raspberry sprinkles

Do you already have spring fever or do you need a little, lovely lemon cake (wow that alliteration)  to boost up your spring emotions? I wouldn’t mind the cake so come on and lets get right into baking and make the very best lemon slices to share them and spread the happy, colorful spring vibes. Does this sound good to you? I mean then we would literally be messengers of spring 😉  Continue reading

Flowery-blue Buchteln

I cannot believe that I have never had the idea to publish my recipes English before. I am so sorry for you guys, that you may have already visited my blog, full of excitement to find some pretty nice recipes, and then were so disappoints because you could not find any recipes in English. Although I mentioned so often on Instagram that my dearest followers could find all the recipes for my baked gods on the blog. Hopefully this is not going to happen again! I promise you guys that I will do my best to upload my recipes now in German as also in English and if there are any past recipes you want to have translated in English fell free to text me 🙂  Continue reading