Its Unnicorn-Party-Time

“Happy Day” my lovely virtual friends! I am so excited to show you the results of my last baking session. Should I try to rise the anticipation? – Yes I better do so: todays it’s going to be colorful (us usually because you know I love happy-making food), it’s going to be delicious, it’s going to be delicious and it’s going to be Unicorn-Galaxy-Cake first! There is a small possibility the cake will have similarities to your sweetest 7-year-old-little-girls-dreams but I would say we can accept that fact and rather get started with the very best fridge cake the world has ever seen.


So first of all I had to show you this lovely graphic for the simple reasons that I on the one hand truly adore it and on the other hand the graphic fits perfectly to todays “Unicorns, Pixie dust and childhood memories”-Theme. Fine maybe I have to admit that I just made up the idea while writing this entry but actually this theme is a quite good idea for a new blog-event, isn’t it? What do you think about the idea? Please let me know and leave a small comment below 🙂




Before I will tell you about the recipe I have to introduced someone to you: Caroline the creator and blog-mom behind! Therefore she invented this absolutely fabulous Unicorn-cake and its her “fault” that I became obsessed with the idea of baking a rainbow cake. So all credits to her and her lovely blog, by the way if you are looking for a new favorite blogger you have to check put her blog because you will fall for it immediately. Caroline just not blogs about food, she is furthermore blogging about fashion, DIY’S , interior and so much more *heart* *love-it* …




Anyway I know that I have been talking(writing or however I am supposed to call that what I am doing right now) too much and that everybody wants to know how to make their own Unicorn-Galaxy-Cake now. So lets get started and just do it! Will the force…ahh…will the unicorns be with us 😉


Spacy Unicorn Cheesecake


For the cake base:

  • 200g Shortbread Biscuits
  • 50g Butter

Fot the cream:

  • 400g cottage cheese
  • low-fat curd/ “Quark”
  • 200g cream
  • 100g icing sugar
  • 1 pack of vanilla custard powder (and the left ingredients you need for it)
  • 2 packs vanilla sugar
  • food coloring
  • sprinkles

And thats the way you do it:

  1. Firstly the cake base need to be prepared, this cake doesn’t need to be baked in the oven but it needs to be cooled in the fridge. But before the cookies need to be put in a big plastic zip-bag and then you have to crush them with a rolling pin. Now you can melt the butter in a pot and mix with the cookies crumbs until you have a sticky mixture. Line the cake pan with some baking paper and press the cookie-butter-mix on the bottom of your pan, it works better by using a fork to really press the cookie-crumbs down.
  2. Let the cake base chill in the fridge for about an hour and meanwhile prepare the filling. Therefore follow the instructions on Dr.-Oetkers-hoemade-vanilla-custard and prepare the vanilla custard. Rather add less milk than acquired and please put some plastic wrap on top of the pudding, while it cools down because I assure you that we don’t want to end up with a liquid, lumpy custard.
  3. Meanwhile whisk the cottage cheese, low-fat curd, icing sugar and also vanilla sugar in a big bowl, add the cold pudding and last but no least whip the cream and whisk in gently. Your basic cake filling is done by now but the funny decoration part is just about to start.
  4. Divide the filling into four (or five or six – its totally up to you) equal parts and color each part with a different color. Then take the cake base out of the fridge and spoon the different colored fillings on the layer. You can be as creative as you want there and if you want to you can create a great marble effect by mixing the colors with a wooden stick in the end. Sprinkle the cake with a s much sprinkles as you have (I used little silvern pearls which I really adored) and put the cake in the fridge again for 4 hours.
  5. And thats all: Congratulations! You are done, now you can proudly say that you have created a stunning Unicorn-cake all by yourself.




Please be honest with me, did you expect this cake to be so easy and simple? No probably not and neither did I, but this cake is actually perfect for any kinds of summer celebrations because you done even need the oven and the preparation doesn’t take you that long.




Oh and just by the way  you can order the matching Unicorn-baking- moulds at Demmler GmbH (the ones you can directly see above in the picture on the right side).


Have a good week my dears. Yours Julia xoxo

P.S. Could you just let me know what you think about the “Unicorns, Pixie dust and childhood memories”-Theme? Thanks in advace 🙂



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